We Manufacture Safely For You!

Akyuz Cosmetic is giving its customers who demand PL production a reliable, high-quality service that won’t leave them unsatisfied, in its manufacturing facility.


Akyuz Cosmetic manufactures with high-quality and natural raw materials, and essences in its modern production facility that is designed in accordance with GMP rules.


Akyuz Cosmetic provides safe and worthwhile products that will be approved by their consumers with research and development services, especially for those who demand private label products.


Akyuz Cosmetic works with the principle of turning quality into a lifestyle, in agreement with its goal of meeting customer needs and expectations while constantly achieving the best.

What are we manufacturing?


Ambient Fragrance


Car Air Fresheners

Our Private Label Manufacturing Services

Private-label product design and development

Innovative formulation

Packaging design support

Working on samples

Manufacturing, filling and packaging