Environment Policies

While meeting market and customer needs within the extent of the sustainability principle, we adopt an environmentally sensitive approach by making continuous improvements in the environmental performance of all our activities.

  • Sustainability of your organization’s compliance with national and international standards.
  • Reducing energy use, minimizing waste, and supporting recycling in order to protect natural resources.
  • Continuously improving our environmental management system and practices in order to increase our environmental performance.
  • Displaying the needed sensitivity to protect the environment in every area of our production activities.
  • Due to our responsibility towards nature, reducing our environmental footprint within the extent of our sustainability principle.
  • Ensuring that our products and activities are environmentally safe.

Occupational Health and Safety Policies

As Akyuz Cosmetic, we are well aware that people are what’s most valuable. For this reason, it is always our priority to continuously enhance our system in order to create a safer and healthier working environment and minimize any loss.

  • Setting our targets within the extent of ISO 45001:2018 Management System in order to detect and minimize the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety that are arising from the activities of our organization.
  • Implementing continuous improvement studies in order to continuously detect and minimize all risks that may arise from the process and engineering changes in all our activities and new product studies.
  • Sustainability of our organization’s compliance with national and international standards.
  • Continuous measurements and reporting of Key Performance Indicators on Occupational Health and Safety and taking the necessary actions in the best possible way.
  • Ensuring through information and training programs that all our employees, solution partners, and visitors gain appropriate skills and competencies related to Occupational Health and Safety and increase their personal awareness

Product Quality Policies

Being the preference of our customers and protecting the value of our brands is based on providing high-quality products that fully meet their needs beyond their expectations. For this reason, we put emphasis on the effective implementation of the Quality Management System for sustainable and efficient growth.

  • Adopting and applying Quality Management Standards effectively.
  • Structuring and systematic implementation of a continuous improvement process.
  • Continuously reducing quality risks by establishing critical control points.
  • Precisely designing and implementing the quality conditions that will be valid in the production process of new products.
  • Designing and running the facilities, processes, and equipment to meet the quality requirements of the products.
  • Establishing crisis management procedures to be implemented when necessary.
  • Making decisions that affect quality in line with the cumulative knowledge