Private Label

In accordance with your demands, as our customers, as the perfume group (EDC-EDT-EDP); we produce special perfume collections called niche and extrait, deodorants, cologne groups, bamboo stick room fragrances, air fresheners, and scented candles categories. Thanks to our customer-oriented contract manufacturing department, we can focus on customer demands, and with our high-quality innovative products, we are committed to providing our customers and their customers with innovative, worthwhile, high-quality products that provide them with unmatched performance and results.


We have a very diverse collection of fragrances and we use high-quality perfume essences for you. As we can use an existing formula from our collection of fragrances, we can also design them for you and develop your fragrance in a completely new formulation to meet all your needs. Knowing what the current trends are and future trends will be, we suggest formulas and fragrances that will fit the purpose of your brand.

You tell us what the parameters are, and we will offer the perfectly optimal solution to enhance the brand’s identity and make it even more unique.


From the creation of the product’s features to the exclusive packaging design, the processes are carefully managed by our department of design. We can offer you many options such as the most trending bottles, painting and printing applications along with private label applications on the bottle, cap, valve sprays, and box designs with our experience that will facilitate your choice of packaging. Our aim is to design a flawless and complete product to enhance the brand’s identity and make it even more unique.